Laprida Suites is located in Laprida 1729/1737, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Barrio Norte, is a neighborhood where residents feel good about giving their address.
Meandering streets are lined with french style buildings, reminisent of being in Paris.

Nuestra Senora del Socorro, a church built in 1732, is a mix between baroque style and the jesuit simplicity, painted in white and saffron. It is probably one of the most admired temples in our city.

For a long time, Recoleta Cementery was abandoned land, surrounded by walls. Today it is the most affluent neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. Here lie, all heroes and great men of our country, except for Rivadavia, its founder.

Parks like Torcuato de Alvear and Plaza Francia, are landscaped with melancholic statues, and beautiful gardens that are lined with mature trees.
The OMBU is not a tree, but a giant evergreen bush. The JACARANDA, is a beautiful flowering tree. It’s blue flowers fall in December, and cover Libertador Avenue.

Las Heras y Pueyrredon is a corner where you would like to be…..with the Rawson Statue and the Engineering School, an emblematic and gothic style building that was never finished.

The National Library, built by Clorindo Testa, one of our most talented architects, the School of Law, a neoclassical construction, or The Flower, all define our architectural style.

Whether you desire to experience culture or entertainment, day or night, museums, pubs, restaurants, theaters, book stores, and cafes are all easily accesible.